Why does everyone print E-books?

This makes no sense to me. I work at an IT/print center at a university where many classes require reading from ebooks which can be accessed both on and offline from a variety of mediums.

You would think that this would vastly save the amount of paper being used, the amount of money spent, and the amount of time wasted due to the amount of books not being published, the books not being shipped or sold in a store, and the students not having to go to a store to buy the books.

This, however, would be an assumption that would prove to be incorrect. Every time a professor assigns an e-book it seems that a massive horde of students comes to the print department demanding their ebooks be printed.

This not only consumes a ton of paper, but takes a ton of time, and costs a ton of money. I really have no idea why people do this given that the university is full of computers that students can use freely and that most students have their own e-readers and laptops anyway.

If anyone has any ideas about this, feel free to comment. This to me is just perplexing.

3 Responses to “Why does everyone print E-books?”
  1. lyn says:

    Not everyone has a tablet to read on and unless your really into it, reading on a verticle screen tiring, not to mention that the ebook text is formatted for paper not screen reading.

    • raopinion says:

      Very true. I suppose I never really considered that since I both own a Nook and really enjoy the search feature of online e-books for class. Granted, if you don’t have a device with e-ink, reading large amounts of garbage on a screen can really hurt your eyes (so I hear?), but have you ever heard of/looked into computer glasses? I’ve been thinking about getting some for that exact reason.

  2. Carol says:

    I had never heard of anyone printing e-books before I read this article. The notion seems entirely Ludicrus. E-books actually are formatted for screen reading, just not for traditional computer screens. The e-book market caters mainly to consumers using e-readers and similar devices, like ipads. The entire concept of e-books and e-readers is founded on the convenience of the electronic over hardcopy in that a single device loaded with multiple books is smaller, lighter, more portable and less resource intensive than a paper library with the same number of books. Printing e-books defeats the pupose of e-books.

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