Pale Moon is a great browser (at the time of this writing, lol)

So before you jump into Pale Moon right away, let it be known that I have used a variety of browsers ranging from AOL, IE, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Swiftfox, Aurora, and (of course while in-game) the Steam browser.

Stolen from Pale Moon's website

Frankly, I thought I found the best browser (for current times) in Aurora since it’s frequently updated and is based on of Firefox (being the beta version).

But why Firefox versus Chrome? Well, for starters, even though I enjoy being able to have google predict things for me or save my web history (unless I disable it), I think it’s rather creepy and don’t want a browser that follows suit.

Moreover, I like being able to go into firefox and break things optimize the settings so I can have the browser behave the way I prefer.

Opera is nice, but again, it lacks these customization features, not to mention some of my favorite add-ons (e.g. adblock plus and Downloadthemall [for super fast downloads]  ) are available for firefox and not necessarily Opera — or if they are, I haven’t looked into it.
REGARDLESS – Pale Moon is a derivative of Firefox that is optimized for newer systems. That being said, it might not work on a very, very old computer, but then again, I can’t say for sure because I don’t have one.

The pros of using it are:

  • It can import all your firefox add ons, bookmarks, and preferences
  • It is MUCH faster than firefox insofar as loading pages, cold starting, etc. (This is a good page to test page loading speeds )
  • It’s not different from firefox at all (save for the start page)
  • It’s frequently updated with the latest and greatest features.

The cons:

  • This will not run natively on Linux and must be run in Wine which significantly reduces its speed. In this case, use  Swiftfox
  • I had to download it from the internet and install it — it doesn’t run on magic!

Pale Moon supports both a 32 and 64 bit version.

So in short: give it a try, I totally recommend it.


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