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Mayflash N64 Controller Adapter

Within the past week I purchased a usb adapter for my old N64 controllers so I could use them to play games on my laptop that’s running Linux Mint 11. (Buy one on Amazon.com) The adapter claims to be plug-and-play with no drivers required for use with a PC. Although this is true and I … Continue reading

jscal -s 12,1,0,128,128,…

jscal -s

Why does everyone print E-books?

This makes no sense to me. I work at an IT/print center at a university where many classes require reading from ebooks which can be accessed both on and offline from a variety of mediums. You would think that this would vastly save the amount of paper being used, the amount of money spent, and … Continue reading

So if anyone wants to get me anything for Christmas

I would love Ludovico Einaudi’s album Una Mattina. If you haven’t listend to any works by this man, please listen to this youtube video of one of his songs from that album. I’m going to keep this upto date for everyone who might be interested in getting me something for Christmas. For everyone else… enjoy … Continue reading

Pale Moon is a great browser (at the time of this writing, lol)

So before you jump into Pale Moon right away, let it be known that I have used a variety of browsers ranging from AOL, IE, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Swiftfox, Aurora, and (of course while in-game) the Steam browser. Frankly, I thought I found the best browser (for current times) in Aurora since it’s frequently updated … Continue reading

Running Linux on a Chinese Laptop

**UPDATE** The motherboard died in early December and it will not power on… this is within a few months of purchasing it. Needless to say, what a piece of junk. I’m not really impressed by this, but at least I can use the parts. Moral: Oh well? This won’t stop me from doing something like … Continue reading

Get ready, go!

As I’ve already stated in my first post, I’m starting a blog today. I can’t really figure out how to use this because this is one of those ironic times where I have so many options and tools available to make this easier for me that I don’t know where to start. But lo and … Continue reading